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Most companies create recyclable and non-recyclable general waste.  While we are all making a lot more of an effort at home, it can be more challenging to keep up a responsible waste disposal program in a busy workplace. However, it is a legal necessity for many companies in the UK to stick to a ‘duty of care’ in ensuring the waste they create is saved responsibly and only disposed of by companies licensed to do so. The government website includes a useful overview of a business’s legal responsibilities. Our commercial waste collection services are already helping over 5,000 companies, including healthcare, retail and manufacturing, as well as many other business sectors. Call our friendly team today on 01509 400 581 to learn more about our enterprise waste disposal solutions or fill in the online form above and we’ll return to you.

What kinds of companies do we work with?

We know that every business has different waste management requirements.  We operate together with business of all sizes in almost any sector and will have the ability to tailor our solutions to you. no matter how large or small your business we’ll offer you the cheapest waste disposal solution. Get in touch with a member of our friendly team on 01509 400 581 or create a quick enquiry on the internet to find out how we could help your business. 

Where do Waste company operate?

Choosing Waste company will help save you money and increase the the proportion of waste you recycle.  Which in turn will reduce the amount of landfill tax you pay as a business. We provide commercial waste collection services to companies across the north west, including Preston, Wigan, Liverpool, Chester, Wirral, Warrington, St Helens and Manchester; north wales, such as Wrexham, Rhys, Bangor, Pwllheli, Mould and Anglesey; as well as the entire of shropshire.as well as commercial and overall waste, we collect paper, card, food, glass, metal and toxic waste. Please get in contact with a member of our friendly team on 01509 400 581 or create a quick enquiry online if you’d like more info on any of our other commercial waste collection and disposal solutions.   

How often will your enterprise waste be collected?

we offer custom waste collection programs to fit your business requirements.  Please be aware the set schedules will change based on certain factors such as whether you are in our track place, this will all be discussed on your free website audit. We can offer you precise records of weight data captured every time your containers have been weighed.  This transparency will give you complete peace of mind. For more info on the waste collection process, please get in contact with a member of our friendly team on 01509 400 581 or create a quick enquiry online.  Request a free website audit cost successful business waste collection with outstanding client service. all of us at waste company are committed to decreasing the environmental effects of waste generated by our customers and their own businesses.at waste firm we like to think that we understand what’s important to our customers: professional and reliable services delivered by experienced and committed staff. We offer a free waste audit to determine the best solution to make the biggest influence on your business.  Let us come up with the very cost-effective solution for you personally, and maximise any opportunities for waste reduction and recycling. For a no obligation free waste audit contact us today. 

How can we process your non-recyclable waste? 

We always invest time and money in technology that dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly manner.  We also work together with other waste collection businesses to process and dispose of their waste materials.  Our goal is to enhance the ecological footprint of the business for a whole. After set, your waste is accepted to our recycling facility in the place, with the assistance of automatic sorting technology, we separate general waste from recycled waste.  The residual waste that we cannot recycle is then baled, wrapped and delivered to energy from waste facilities for use as gas (rdf). We constantly search for environmentally friendly ways to use commercial waste by decreasing the volume of waste which goes to landfill.  Some sorts of business and commercial waste comprise locked in energy which if burnt forms steam which powers a turbine.  The energy generated by turbines can power homes and businesses.  The emissions released through the process are closely controlled to make sure the atmosphere has no emissions that are harmful to the environment before discharging it into the atmosphere.

Business food recycling services Loughborough 

For more information about our enterprise food recycling services, please get in touch for a free quote.

Fantastic for places, clubs, pubs, restaurants and businesses in almost any industry seeking to improve their recycling services and reduce waste costs.  Following an initial waste audit, our staff provide you with dedicated bins to meet your needs and accumulate the waste in a time and date which is suitable for you.

Benefit from our food waste recycling providers and also have peace of mind knowing that your waste is disposed of correctly as much energy as possible will be recovered.

Making food necessitates land, water, energy, labour, production, packaging and much more to create.  As a result, throwing food to landfill signifies these production sources are wasted.  Once the food is in the landfill, there’s the additional issue of rotting.  Contrary to other materials, over time, food waste rots discharging gases that are harmful to both the air and the land around it.

Up to 90 percent of the energy generated from anaerobic digestion can be exported to the national grid or used locally, meaning that your food waste may be used to benefit local homes and businesses.  As well as this, around one-third of heat generated during the process is used to heat the ad plant itself, which makes the entire process almost entirely self-sufficient in heat and power.

How does Waste recycling deal with your food waste?

Working with businesses in and around sheffield, we gather any and all types of food waste.  Helping decrease environmental impact whilst saving organisations cash in the process.

Annually more than 50,00 tonnes of food waste is created in the uk!

Company food waste recycling solutions does your company produce excess amounts of food waste?

As among sheffield’s leading waste disposal companies, we work closely with you to offer a disposal service tailored for your recycling requirements.

We understand how to dispose of food in the right way and are pleased to say we never ship to landfill!  Through anaerobic digestion, all company foods waste we collect is broken down and used to generate green energy such as electricity and heat. 

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