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Hazardous Waste Removal and Collections Loughborough

Hazardous  waste is defined as anything that may be poisonous, reactive, ignitable, corrosive, infectious or radioactive. It can be carcinogenic, or mutagenic which may lead to biological changes when exposed to humans so it must be disposed of correctly. Many items at the office are tagged as toxic waste, so odds are you’re disposing of them in your commercial overall waste without realising. We work with business of all sizes and all types across the north west of England, north wales and mid-wales. Should you store any of these materials on site, then you have to make sure they are disposed of properly:

asbestos chemicals, including printer toner 




oils and  fluids found in fridges and freezers


photo compounds


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Toxic waste removal Loughborough 

if your company deals with toxic waste then you have a duty of care to ensure of its correct disposal.  Waste company will supply you with containers to save your toxic waste and supply secure, cost-effective removal.  If you’re not sure of your legal needs for recycling hazardous waste, please get in touch with waste company and we can advise you accordingly. Just call our helpful team on 01509 400 581 or complete an enquiry form online today. Contact our friendly team to learn how we can help your company save money and reduce your impact on the surroundings.  Get in contact with us, we work with a toxic waste collection associate whose facilities are designed with government compliance in mind.  

Toxic Waste Management Process

From collection into the recycling process, the process is treated professionally throughout. The aim of the treatment of this waste is to reduce the general hazard level and volume to make it a lot easier to take care of.  Once that is complete as much toxic waste as possible will subsequently go for recycling.   Commercial hazardous waste disposal services waste firm have over two years of experience of dealing with toxic waste, and together with our toxic waste spouse, are specialists in our area.  Our friendly and professional team is able to supply you with the very best service at the best cost, and give you the peace of mind to understand your hazardous waste has been disposed of legally and responsibly. If you have any questions or concerns when it comes to hazardous waste or for more information on any of our other commercial recycling collection services or overall business waste collection then please don’t hesitate to contact our team.  

Fluorescent lamps Disposal Loughborough 

On account of how fluorescent lamps include mercury.  Just one tube contains enough mercury to contaminate up to 30,000 litres of water making it unsuitable for drinking.  This usually means that it is vitally important to ensure that electric bulb recycling takes place so as to ensure that water wastage is minimised.

Fluorescent lamp & bulb recycling Loughborough 

Despite the increasing numbers of directed lamps being set up, there are still an estimated 100 million fluorescent tubes and lamps in use in the uk today.  We offer fluorescent lamp recycling solutions, as we’re passionate about minimising the waste that goes to landfill, taking up space despite the possibility of recycling.

For ‘one offs’ we shall collect old fluorescent tubes and lamps in specially designed containers.  For routine collections we provide containers that are suitable, in an endeavor to create fluorescent bulb recycling considerably simpler, allowing you to have a designated room for keeping old fluorescent lamps till they are ready for collection.

Failure to perform fluorescent bulb recycling may lead to serious injury to the environment, wildlife, and individuals with time.  The probability of mercury poisoning becoming more prevalent will radically increase.  For these reasons, we value fluorescent bulb recycling hugely, as we’re passionate about looking after our clients as well as the surroundings.

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Each calendar year, we create in excess of 3,100 tonnes of waste material that, until it was made illegal, ended up in landfill websites.  We can provide a safe recycling and disposal service, where the mercury is distilled and the glass and metallic parts are separated ahead of the fluorescent lamp recycling procedure. 

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